Asos Recalls Radioactive Belts

Posted by Ryan Robinson on May 28, 2013


News surfaces about an Asos recall on belts flagged as radioactive by US customs. India-supplied leather studded belts targeted as the only product line effected. 

A report released today by Asos, a leading online clothing retailer has shed more light on their issuance of a worldwide recall on a batch of metal-studded leather belts that were found to be radioactive by US customs.

The owners of the 49 radioactive belts that had been sold were notified at the time and have been issued a refund. The belts have since been removed from sale through the company's website.

According to the internal report from Asos, the belts were found to contain unsafe levels of Cobalt-60, a chemical known to increase the risk of cancer after long periods of exposure. It was stated that the belts could cause injury to the wearer after being worn for more than 500 hours. The belts are still being held in various testing facilities while they await further testing.

This report highlights a very common issue in India and the far east. India and the far east's frequent use of recycled metals is a growing cause for concern. These metals often contain contaminated materials that make their way right back into the production of goods for both domestic & foreign consumption, creating a continual problem for global retailers. Asos has been working with the supplier of the belts, Haq International and the factory workers involved to ensure an appropriate outcome.