uFaker: A New App That Rewards You For Reporting Counterfeit Products

Posted by Amy Bui on Aug 15, 2013


uFaker is an easy-to-use mobile, web, and social platform for identifying, reporting, and combatting counterfeit products.

The app, was created by Jason Drangel of Epstein Drangel, LLP, an intellectual property law firm based in New York. With the goal of reducing the number of counterfeit goods on the market, the app is designed to empower consumers to take action and become part of the fight. It comes with a nice reward for reporting fakers, too.

uFaker is a free iPhone and Android app that monetizes the act of reporting counterfeit goods when consumers come accross them. When you spot a fake, simply pull up the app on your smartphone, enter the details, the location where you found the fake, snap a picture, and submit your report. The whole process takes a matter of seconds, and the premise of the app is that after you submit a report about fake goods you came across, it's passed on to the brand and you'll be rewarded by uFaker with discount offers from major retailers.

From fake clothing to fake handbags, fake electronics, and fake toys, uFaker is designed to crack down on the number of counterfeit goods that are on shelves & online. Jason Drangel, creator of the app said "People have dubbed it a $1.5 Trillion business worldwide." This represents a big problem for brands around the world that invest significant resources into their product development, only to have cheaply made replicas sold in markets and small shops everywhere.

The most important feature of the uFaker app, is that with it's reward system, it's the first of its kind to effectively incentivize consumers to join the fight against counterfeit goods. Until now, there hasn't been a clear destination for consumers to report fake products, and many consumers that are against buying fake goods themselves frankly haven't cared enough to go out of their way to report it. uFaker aims to make it convenient enough for consumers to quickly report counterfeit products and receive a reward in the form of discounts towards products made by major brands.

For apparel brands that care about the integrity of their products & brand image, this app represents a great leap forward in the use of technology within the apparel industry.

Do you think the uFaker App will effect the number of counterfeit products on the market?


(Image Source: uFaker.com)

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