Branding - how your customers know it’s you!

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Innovative Branding Strategy

A great branding strategy is flexible and grows with your company.

A truly great strategy not only adapts to trends, but can predict them and be ready when they arrive.


The most difficult part is that branding can be extremely time consuming, taking you and your team away from your core business.

Brand ID has all the resources and expertise to help you create and execute a world-class branding strategy that will create loyalty among your customers.

Our Approach

At Brand ID, we use design and innovation to develop your branding strategies.

As experts in trim branding trends, no one else is better qualified to help you take your brand to the next level and be ready for trends even before they arrive. Using our years of experience and a thorough understanding of the industry, we create a Branding Design Brief that will take you from design to manufacturing.

Brand ID 7 Steps to Branding Design

Branding Global Trend Research and Travel

Research Trips

Our branding experts scour world markets for that unique “something special” to give your brand an edge.  From Shibuya and Soho, to Portobello and Paris, our exhaustive branding trend research is turned into your branding advantage.

Trend Monitoring

Monitoring trends is much more than waiting to see it at the local mall or in a magazine. Brand ID is constantly monitoring trends.

Monitoring Trends WGSN, Fashionista, Hypebeast, Refinery29, and More

Branding Experts Reviewing and Identifying Trends

Trend Reviews

Not every trend is right for you. Our Branding Experts look closely at each trend and identify the ones that are best for you. Those are the ones that we will recommend to you, saving you time.

Branding Direction

Getting started is much easier than keeping it going. Your Brand ID Representative will help you stay on task and get everything together on time. 

After researching your brand, your market, and your competitors, your Representative will work with our entire team of branding experts to create a presentation that addresses your style, image, and pricing parameters.

Everything we do is done with the environment in mind, using ecologically-sound materials and processes. This will benefit you and the planet.

Brand Rep provide directions to addressing your style and image

Branding Presentation

After our team of experts has put together your branding direction , we will create a complete presentation. We can do a presentation in one of our showrooms, at your location, or remotely via an online presentation.

Creating a Complete Branding Presentation

Design Brief including material selections, graphical directions and pricing

Design Brief

After the presentation, your brand representative will present you with your customized Branding Design Brief.

The Brief contains:

  • Materials selections

  • Graphical directions

  • Pricing parameters

  • All the details you need to visualize your new innovative branding direction..


Brand ID turns ideas into functional trims

Graphic Designing

After we obtain your approval on the branding design brief, our graphic design team is tasked with using their years of branding design experience to turn your design brief into breakthrough branding.

Other Solutions


Trim Program Management

Professional program management to ensure your trim is where you need it, when you need it.



Brand ID provides global branding trends and designs to set you apart and ahead of the competition.



Our development systems implement new designs quickly and efficiently.



Brand ID provides cost effective, state-of-the-art manufacturing.



From raw material to finished product, Brand ID provides testing and audit trails for your trim.



An online, real-time order management system allows for increased profits and less stress.


Trim Cloud

Our exclusive cloud-based trim management system allows state-of-the-art control.


Customer Support

A multi-lingual, customer-centric support staff ensures you are never struggling alone.