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Ordering Efficiency

Inefficiencies in your trim ordering processes  can cause you to lose money. Brand ID’s exclusive structured ordering process ensures that every efficiency, every cost-saving measure, is in place for you at every stage of the trim supply chain.


Prevent loss of profits from:

A poorly planned and executed ordering process

Inefficient suppliers or vendors


Rush ordering

Our Approach

Our Brand ID team will not only assist you in designing a streamlined trim ordering plan but will also manage the implementation of the plan through our employee and vendor onboarding process. This will result in you and your vendors being given access to and training on the use of our customized online ordering system. Orders placed through this real-time online system are executed in a timely manner by utilizing proprietary warehouse software and hardware systems.

Brand ID Approach to Ordering
Ordering Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Your Brand ID team will collaboratively use their extensive experience to design, document, get your approval and implement the most efficient trim ordering process that meets your and your vendor’s trim supply chain requirements.

Trim Ordering Onboarding


The best system in the world is useless if you don’t know how to use it.

Our Customer Success Team will make sure that everyone is properly trained on SERO®, our exclusive order management system. Our training includes a brief, but comprehensive, introductory sessions, followed by access to written documents (in any language you need). We also offer more training sessions and are always here to assist with questions.


SERO® - Real-time Ordering System

SERO® is Brand ID’s exclusive and proprietary order management system. With everyone in your trim ordering process able to use the same system, mistakes, misorders and misinformation can be avoided easily.

Everyone is able to view:

  • Item Pricing
  • Courier Tracking Services
  • Ordering Items
  • Invoices
  • Order Confirmations
  • Payment Status
  • Order Status
  • Account Balances
  • Packing Lists

SERO® - Real-time Ordering System

Automatic Inventory Allocations

Automatic Inventory Allocations

Our proprietary inventory allocation algorithm uses priority rules for real-time allocation of inventory to orders. Priorities are rule based and can be easily customized according to you and your vendor requirements. The ability to make allocation adjustments on the fly gives your trim supply chain unparalleled agility and flexibility. All of this leads to fewer late orders and increased profits.

The Power Trim Warehouse

Our customized warehouse management system, including exclusive software and hardware, allows us to turn trim inventory into shipped orders in record time.

  • No minimum order size

  • Extremely accurate

  • Extremely fast

Our highly scalable warehouse operations are constantly monitored through the use of key performance indicators. Warehouse staff are continually striving to improve operations through refining processes and ongoing employee training programs.



 customized warehouse management system

Trim Cloud Solution - The Final Key to Success

Each of the approaches mentioned above are designed to be part of a cohesive solution that delivers trim items on time. For customers that are looking to further reduce exposure to late orders, we encourage implementation of our industry first, automated, rules based, Trim Cloud solution. Our Trim Cloud solution will eliminate vendors ordering trims too late and reduce the impact of changing BOM’s on your supply chain. To learn more about our Trim Cloud solution click here.

Brand iD Trim Cloud

Other Solutions


Trim Program Management

Professional program management to ensure your trim is where you need it, when you need it.



Brand ID provides global branding trends and designs to set you apart and ahead of the competition.



Our development systems implement new designs quickly and efficiently.



Brand ID provides cost effective, state-of-the-art manufacturing.



From raw material to finished product, Brand ID provides testing and audit trails for your trim.



An online, real-time order management system allows for increased profits and less stress.


Trim Cloud

Our exclusive cloud-based trim management system allows state-of-the-art control.


Customer Support

A multi-lingual, customer-centric support staff ensures you are never struggling alone.