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Fully Managed Materials and Performance Testing

Staying ahead of global regulations can be nearly impossible.

At Brand ID, we have developed a powerful tracking system that allows us to stay up to date with regulations, control testing of materials and track testing of product performance. All of this is handled for you so that you can focus on the important business of designing and selling the finest products you can.

In short, Brand ID gives you absolute confidence in your testing, so you don’t have to worry about liability.


Our Approach

From design to delivery, product testing, both materials and performance, should be managed. At Brand ID, we have a system that manages this important aspect without any stress for you. We ensure that no trim items ship that do not meet regulatory standards. Most importantly, you and your vendors have a ready-made audit trail that documents compliance. 

Brand ID Approach to Trim Testing

In-House Testing Lab

Early Testing

No surprises!

During the development stage, your Brand Representative will research all of the standards that each proposed material and product must meet. Because we have automated the trigger system for each stage in the lifecycle of your products, testing is assured to be in place when you need it.

Our in-house testing lab provides us with consistent, professional and well-documented testing.



Efficient Process and System Controls

Efficient Process and System Controls

Our efficient processes and sophisticated controls are found throughout the entire product lifecycle. This results in compliant products and saved audit trails. This ensures that items without a “pass” result do not leave our distribution facilities.

Access to Test Results

We make all our test results accessible. This makes it easy for your vendors and your compliance team to request and gain access to testing results for every item we produce for you.

Access to Test Results Sample
Brand ID Trim Cloud

Ultimate Compliance

Customer utilizing our Trim Cloud solution, and it’s sophisticated ordering controls, can have further peace of mind that they don’t have restricted substance and performance testing liability. This is because one of the benefits of this solution is that it eliminates vendors being able to order trims from suppliers other than us, your nominated trim supplier.  To learn more about our Trim Cloud solution click here.

Other Solutions


Trim Program Management

Professional program management to ensure your trim is where you need it, when you need it.



Brand ID provides global branding trends and designs to set you apart and ahead of the competition.



Our development systems implement new designs quickly and efficiently.



Brand ID provides cost effective, state-of-the-art manufacturing.



From raw material to finished product, Brand ID provides testing and audit trails for your trim.



An online, real-time order management system allows for increased profits and less stress.


Trim Cloud

Our exclusive cloud-based trim management system allows state-of-the-art control.


Customer Support

A multi-lingual, customer-centric support staff ensures you are never struggling alone.