Trim supply chain management - simple, scalable, efficient, cloud-based.

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Modern Trim
Management from Brand ID

You need to be working at the speed of the internet.

The only way to do this is to connect your trim supply chain to the cloud.


Brand ID’s Trim Cloud allows you to:

Optimize your backend systems and receiving process

Streamline your supply chain

Avoid manual and repeated ordering due to changes or mistakes

Save money and time

Our Approach

Brand ID’s Trim Cloud is an industry-leading, easy-to-implement automated trim supply chain solution. It automatically exchanges garment order and trim BOM (Bill of Materials) information between your organization, Brand ID and your vendors.

When paired with our online system, SERO®, the Trim Cloud’s built-in change management tool allows you to place and track orders, efficiently and transparently.

Take control of your vendors’ trim purchasing and get free Cloud PO Delivery and ASN features, just by committing to purchase your trims from Brand ID.

  1. Electronic purchase order delivery
  2. Order acceptance
  3. Advance shipping notice capabilities
  4. All built-in and free


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Brand ID Approach to Automated Trim Supply Chain System
Effortless Trim Supply Chain Implementation

Truly Effortless Implementation

Our data integration interface is easy to use and simple to set up. All you need is to be using the BOM (Bill of Materials) in your ordering or MRP system.  Our implementation experts will guide you and your team through the process so you are never struggling.

Eliminate Late Orders and Inventory Positions

Eliminate Late Orders and Inventory Positions

Our production planning team will actively manage your raw material needs.

  • Accurate, real-time data from your production team

  • No more trim order errors

  • No more forgotten orders dropped by vendors

  • Early warning of requirements eliminates the need for trim inventory positions


Eliminate Inefficiencies

Bring your trim ordering process into the 21st Century -
  • No more manual processing

  • Vendors can serve you more efficiently

    • No more manual tabulation of your needs

    • No more manual orders

    • No reordering due to errors

    • No more creating of separate orders for upc tickets and care labels

Brand ID’s Trim Cloud solution integrates seamlessly with our Service Bureau. Your vendors can create one order for trims, upc tickets and care labels. They then receive a single shipment that meets all of the needs for your orders. The increased efficiency allows everyone to save on labor and reassign staff where they are needed.



SERO® - Real-time Ordering System with Change Management

SERO® - Real-time Ordering System with Change Management

SERO® is our real-time order management system. All of your employees and vendors have instant access to: 

  • Item Pricing
  • Courier Tracking Services
  • Ordering Items
  • Invoices
  • Order Confirmations
  • Payment Status
  • Order Status
  • Account Balances
  • Packing Lists

All approved users can log into SERO and make changes. Vendors are automatically notified and order changes are instantly routed to the right people.

Control Vendor Purchasing and Waste

Control Vendor Purchasing and Waste

Vendors are prevented from adding items or editing quantities. You make the reordering rules and Brand ID’s Trim Cloud makes sure everyone follows those rules.

The system is powerful enough to prevent waste, but flexible enough to accommodate real world situations.

Free Cloud PO Delivery and ASN

Free Cloud PO Delivery and ASN

When you choose Brand ID to manage your trim orders, you will have free access to our Cloud PO Delivery and ASN Service.

  • Electronic delivery of purchase orders and purchase order acceptance

  • Vendors can create ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notices) and carton labels

With a single, simple set-up all of your vendors will receive electronic notices of your purchase orders. They can then review the terms and conditions and accept the order. When they are ready to ship to you, they will use our interface to send you an ASN. This integrates with your back office system to smooth the receiving process.

All of this is a free benefit of choosing to partner with Brand ID. 



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