Planned, monitored and managed trim programs.

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Exceptional Trim Program Management

What has a million moving parts and must work perfectly for your business to thrive?

Your trim program management.  Brand ID has the experience and systems to make sure that every part of your Trim Program is working and keeps working, every day.

Your Trim Program is custom-designed to meet your needs and expectations. By using a team approach that includes you, your suppliers and our people and systems, your trim program is designed to cover every contingency and make sure your product is innovative and is where you need it, when you need it.

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Here's Our Approach

It’s simple, really, but it requires the experience and skills to be consistent:            

Plan Do Verify Adjust

Brand ID assigns an experienced team of professionals to oversee each stage of the process and help to move your trim program forward.


Our Winning Team

Brand ID assembles a team designed to meet your specific needs.

Trending Expert - The Crystal Ball 

Your Trending Expert brings a profound understanding of current and future trends to your trim design program. Using the latest research, a global understanding and years of experience, Brand ID’s Trending Experts are setting the trends, as well as predicting future trends.

Trims Trending Experts

Brand Representatives - The Day-to-Day Manager

Your Brand Representative oversees the Branding and Development phases to ensure that every item in your trim program will not only meet your needs, but meet our exacting standards.

Trims Brand Representatives

Customer Success Manager - The Monitor

Your Customer Success Manager will monitor each aspect of your trim management program for you. As an ‘outside’ observer of the process, they are able to act as your eyes and ears during the process, to guarantee that everything stays on track and on time.

Trims Customer Success Manager

Brand Managers - The Captain

Your Brand Manager is the captain of the team, overseeing  and assisting each team member and your people with anything that they need.

Trims Brand Managers

How We Do It

Our trim management approach recognizes and is designed around the fundamental assertion that a successful trim program needs to be aware of design, development and production. Often these areas have different stakeholders with different goals. Our approach harmonizes these goals.


A clear and well-thought out plan is the key to success. A Brand ID Trim Management Plan accounts for every stage and every contingency to ensure that the entire process is ready for excellence.


Execution is the entire purpose of the program. We are the global experts in Trim Design and Management and doing is our expertise.


With an amazing team, Brand ID is able to monitor and measure  every step of the process, seeking our successes and our opportunities to improve.


No plan is perfect at the outset, adjustments and refinements will be required. Brand ID’s plans are specifically designed to be flexible and responsive, making change easier..,

Other Solutions


Trim Program Management

Professional program management to ensure your trim is where you need it, when you need it.



Brand ID provides global branding trends and designs to set you apart and ahead of the competition.



Our development systems implement new designs quickly and efficiently.



Brand ID provides cost effective, state-of-the-art manufacturing.



From raw material to finished product, Brand ID provides testing and audit trails for your trim.



An online, real-time order management system allows for increased profits and less stress.


Trim Cloud

Our exclusive cloud-based trim management system allows state-of-the-art control.


Customer Support

A multi-lingual, customer-centric support staff ensures you are never struggling alone.