Young enough to be agile; old enough to know how to get it done.

For Starters

Brand ID was born in 1996 out of frustration with the inefficiencies and redundancies in the apparel trim supply chain. We wanted to create a company to provide a trim experience that would offer apparel brands an unprecedented trim design and development process.  At the same time, we wanted an agile platform that would offer levels of performance and service that exceeded what brands and retailers were expecting at the time. This same passion and desire exists today and continues to be at the forefront of all our decision making.


We are still the same, only better.

We’re bigger, sure. And we are able to use technologies that weren’t even dreamt of when we started. But the ultimate goal of creating a seamless system for trim design, development and delivery is still there. Today, we design everything with our customers in mind and have created an ordering, manufacturing and distribution system that offers complete control.

Partnering to elevate your brand.

True to our original beliefs we have evolved our design, inspiration and development model to suit the modern brand.  With over 500 customers and 250,000 unique items designed and developed to date nobody understands trims like we do.   

Brands and Trim Developed Globally

We manage trims so you don’t have to.

Brand ID is a complete trim supply solution. From concept and design to development and delivery, Brand ID offers a platform that keeps everyone informed, all under the watchful eye of our Brand Solution Specialists. You and your suppliers are able to communicate order changes in real time, all through a single, seamless platform. No more lost messages, delayed orders or supply shortages. Brand ID's Trim Cloud makes the relationship with your supplier an easy one.

Brand ID Complete Apparel Trim Supply Solution

We are proud to be a bluesign® system partner.

Business doesn’t happen in a bubble. Everything we do affects the world around us. At Brand ID, we are committed to responsible business practices. Every item we make is designed and manufactured to have a minimal environmental impact.